Limited / Previous Releases

Semi-dry / old world

  • Our take on a rustic high tannin English style cider. This cider has a round mouthfeel but enough tannin structure and acidity to leave you wanting more

  • Golden in color with notes of wet leaves, roasted apples, and warming spices

  • Slow fermented over 6 months

  • Local apples from at Sunrise Orchards in Cornwall, Vermont and Dragon Orchard in UK

  • Only 8 grams of sugar

  • 12oz Cans, 6.5% ABV

Deer Snacks VOLUME I (the original)

  • Unfiltered and unapologetic, Deer Snacks is a worthy complement to Will Bryant's fun-loving art. Cheers to Will, Austin, and Brew and Brew that brought us together

  • Made from 50% wild Vermont apples and 50% apples from Sunrise Orchards in Vermont

  • Fermented with wild yeast and can conditioned

  • 0 sugar, ready to party

  • 12oz Cans, 6.9% ABV

Citrus Spritz

  • A cider built to consumed on or around lawns, porched and assorted bodies of water.

  • Light, bright and crushable this cider is all citrusy and floral.

  • Local apples from Sunrise Orchards in Cornwall, Vermont and a Natural Tincture (Citrus, Egyptian Rose), Grape Skins.

  • 12oz cans, 3.8% ABV

Ginger Spritz

  • Citrus’ spicy cousin, ginger spritz is great on it’s own and is also a killer mixer for cocktails.

  • Refreshing with notes of ginger and orange peel.

  • Apples, Natural Tincture (Ginger, Galangal, Bitter Orange)

  • 12oz cans, 3.9% ABV

Ticonderoga (330ml) - the lil guy

  • Ticonderoga is anything but your typical brash barrel-aged cider. Aged in WhistlePig Whiskey Rye and Madeira Barrels this svelte cider features delicate spice and fruit notes.

  • After a slow fermentation, this cider was aged an additional 6 months in barrel.

  • unfiltered and bottle conditioned to complete dryness.

  • 330ml bottles, 6.9% ABV

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