2017 Pét-Nat - 3 Bottles


2017 Pét-Nat - 3 Bottles

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This vintage of Pét Nat took its time. It was extra cool in the cellar this winter which meant a longer than normal fermentation. The cooler temps allowed the fermentation to mosey along for a couple additional months. We are glad we did, the additional time in our cool cellar developed amazing aromatics that could be best described as "elegant fruit dressed in flannel".  

  • First America-made pétillant naturel cider

  • Methode ancestrale, or pétillant naturel, is a traditional winemaking process of carbonation, where the cider finishes its primary fermentation in the bottle, capturing the tail-end of the carbon dioxide created during fermentation

  • Complex yet fruity and approachable

  • Wild apples from Vermont

  • Native yeast fermentation

  • Residual sugars - 0 g/bottle

  • 750ml, 6.7% ABV

  • Produced and bottled by Shacksbury Cider in Vergennes, Vermont


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