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Basque Cider Celebration at Toro Boston

Every spring Basque cider makers celebrate the release of the new vintage with a night of food, cider, music, and merriment. Together with Toro in Boston and Petritegi Sagardoa, we at Shacksbury Cider are excited to bring this festive culture and tradition to New England for the first time.

Meet our Basque Cider Maker - Ainara Otaño, our collaborator at Petritegi Sagardoa, is joining us from Astigarraga, Spain, for the event; as the traditional guest of honor at the Txotx, Ainara will uncork the evening's first barrel.

Enjoy cider straight from the barrel - Traditional Basque Sagardoas, or cider houses, serve cider streaming from a tiny spout in enormous chestnut barrels. We've engineered a system to bring the same tradition to Boston. Drinkers can catch the stream of cider in their glass, a method that aerates the cider and releases its flavors and aromas.

Pintxos from Toro - Toro is cooking up traditional Basque pintxos, or tapas, to complement the cider.

A view of Basque country - And, if that's not enough, our friend and independent filmmaker Emily Lobsenz will be projecting part of her documentary Song of of the Basques

When - Thursday, April 23 from 10pm - midnight

Where - Toro, 1704 Washington St, Boston MA 02118

Cost - Complimentary pintxos, cider at a reduced price