• The perfect cider for a brunch that could last all day

  • Only 6g of sugar, 100% fresh apples

  • Notes of strawberry, peach, red fruit and a touch of honey

  • Local apples grown at Sunrise Orchards in Cornwall, Vermont

  • Post Fermentation, aged on red wine grape skins

  • 12oz Cans, 6.0% ABV

dry - 2018 good Food award winner


  • A cider for the sour beer or natural wine lover

  • 0g sugar, 100% fresh apples

  • Complex and assertive with a vibrant acidity

  • Wild yeast fermented, unfiltered, naturally carbonated, and no added sulfites

  • Local apples from Sunrise Orchards in Cornwall, Vermont and traditional Basque cider apples from Petritegi Sagardoa.

  • 12oz cans, 6.2% ABV

limited release

ping pong

  • A hopped cider made in collaboration with Modern Times Beer in California

  • Citra and Amarillo hops

  • Wild yeast fermented and naturally carbonated via method ancestral

  • Local apples form Sunrise Orchards in Cornwall, Vermont


  • An ode to the Green Mountain State

  • 6g sugar, 100% fresh apples

  • Aged in former Barr Hill gin barrels from Caledonia Spirits in Hardwick, Vermont

  • Local apples from Sunrise Orchards in Cornwall, Vermont

  • Blended with our friends at the Farmhouse Tap and Grill in Burlington, Vermont

  • 16oz cans, 6.9% ABV

Deer Snacks VOlume II (art by Will Bryant) - Sold out III coming Fall 2019

  • The snack is back! Now with more wild apples.

  • 80% wild foraged apples / 20% local orchard apples from Sunrise Orchards in Cornwall Vermont

  • Native yeast fermented and can conditioned

  • Bone dry (0 sugar) with notes of Vermont forest floor, leather and dried herbs.

Lost apple

Every fall, Shacksbury forages for the feral, wild or otherwise forgotten fruit of rural Vermont. Along narrow country roads and in overgrown old orchards, we find apples that have the tannins and flavors - rare in most commercially grown fruit - to ferment into full-bodied, dry, and food-friendly hard cider.

These forgotten apple trees are decades, and sometimes centuries, old. Their fruit is incredibly diverse. When we harvest from these trees, we're tapping into the long and deep tradition of cider making in New England. By grafting our favorite found varieties into a small commercial orchard, we're protecting that tradition for years to come.

Along the way, we make some delicious limited release ciders out of foraged fruit. Our current offerings are listed below.

2017 Apple hill - Sold out - 2018 coming in fall 2019

2017 Pét Nat sold out - Three PéT Nat Rosé ciders coming in Spring 2019

This vintage of Pét Nat took its time. It was extra cool in the cellar this winter which meant a longer than normal fermentation. The cooler temps allowed the fermentation to mosey along for a couple additional months. We are glad we did, the additional time in our cool cellar developed amazing aromatics that could be best described as "elegant fruit dressed in flannel".  

  • First American-made pétillant naturel cider

  • Methode ancestrale, or pétillant naturel, is a traditional winemaking process of natural carbonation, where the cider finishes its primary fermentation in the bottle, capturing the tail-end of the carbon dioxide created during fermentation.

  • Complex yet fruity and approachable

  • Wild apples from Vermont

  • Wild yeast fermentation

  • 0g sugar

  • 750ml, 6.7% ABV

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