Our core ciders represent our tried-and-true favorites — the ciders we return to again and again, designed to delight cider enthusiasts and newcomers alike. Though they vary in style, our core ciders share a commitment to slow fermentations, no added sugar, and 100% fresh apples.


Dry, crushable, and made like a rose wine

When we set out to make a rose cider, we knew we wanted to pay homage to our friends in the winemaking world. Unlike many commercial ciders that rely on food coloring or additives to achieve a “rose pink” blush, our rose gets its color and flavor from grape skins — just, as we believe, like a rose should. We start with fresh New England apples, pressed and fermented at cellar temperature; then age our cider on Syrah and Zinfandel grape skins to impart tannin, structure, and berry notes. We source grape skins from California because we cannot find a high enough quantity here in the Northeast. Together, these add up to a fun-loving but refined marriage of New England apples with traditional wine grapes, as tasty as it is beautiful.

  • ABV: 5.5%

  • 100% fresh apples

  • No added sugar


Light and crisp, the lager of ciders

Dry is a shape-shifter — equally at home at an upscale meal as it is over drinks with friends. The secret to its success is all about the apples: Cider-specific varieties make for dry, complex cider, and there’s no better apple for cider than the tannic and bittersweet Dabinett. Dabinetts aren’t grown in large commercial quantities in the United States — though we’re working to change that. Dry begins with juicy New England dessert fruit and then blends in fermented juice — never concentrate — pressed, fermented, and shipped by our friend Simon Day at Dragon Orchard in Herefordshire, England. The result bridges cider traditions from both sides of the pond for a cider that’s tannic and tremendously tasty.

  • ABV: 5.5%

  • 100% fresh apples

  • No added sugar


Adventurous, tart, and 0 sugar

Arlo is our take on Basque cider — tart and complex but delightfully drinkable, and a longtime industry favorite. We partner with our longtime friends at Petritegi Sagardoa, located just outside of San Sebastian in Spain, to source European apple varieties unavailable in commercial quantities in the United States. Petritegi presses and ferments their apples in enormous, decades-old chestnut barrels; we then ship this fermented cider to Vermont where we blend it with fruit we source from New England. This unusual blend of European and New England fruit creates a one-of-a-kind dry, complex cider without any additional flavorings or sweeteners.

  • ABV: 6.0%

  • 100% fresh apples

  • No added sugar


Summer Release

SHORTS! is an early-morning, weekend-brunch, day-drinking, post-workout, pre-dinner, just-put-the-kids-to-bed, “I’ll take one more” kind of cider, brimming with bright flavor and tiny bubbles. We turned to our friend Will Bryant to design the look for this new cider, our first ever eight-ounce can. At 4.5% ABV, SHORTS! is easy to drink and downright crushable. Laid back and citrusy, this is the drink we reach for at home and after shifts. Survey Says: There's no wrong way to drink SHORTS! 

SHORTS! is tasty. We added lemongrass and hibiscus to our fresh cider base for a cider-seltzer that's refreshing and tart, but not overpowering. 

SHORTS! is sugar-free. Hard seltzers are typically weighed down with refined sugars. We skipped them entirely. SHORTS! brings bubbles and a bit of buzz, with none of the baggage. 

SHORTS! is way cute. Our good friend Will Bryant, an Austin-based artist and illustrator, is the mastermind behind the can. Check out Will's art @willbryantplz


limited release

ping pong

  • A hopped cider made in collaboration with Modern Times Beer in California

  • Citra and Amarillo hops

  • Wild yeast fermented and naturally carbonated via method ancestral

  • Local apples form Sunrise Orchards in Cornwall, Vermont


  • An ode to the Green Mountain State

  • 6g sugar, 100% fresh apples

  • Aged in former Barr Hill gin barrels from Caledonia Spirits in Hardwick, Vermont

  • Local apples from Sunrise Orchards in Cornwall, Vermont

  • Blended with our friends at the Farmhouse Tap and Grill in Burlington, Vermont

  • 16oz cans, 6.9% ABV

Deer Snacks VOlume II (art by Will Bryant) - Sold out III coming Fall 2019

  • The snack is back! Now with more wild apples.

  • 80% wild foraged apples / 20% local orchard apples from Sunrise Orchards in Cornwall Vermont

  • Native yeast fermented and can conditioned

  • Bone dry (0 sugar) with notes of Vermont forest floor, leather and dried herbs.


2018 PÉt Nat Rosés

We’re a little obsessed with grapes these days — and specifically, what happens when we add grape skins to our cider fermentations. Through our Pét-Nat Rosé series, we teamed up with winemaking friends around the country for small-batch ciders that celebrate terroir and a spirit of experimentation.

lo-fi Edition

Our Lo-Fi Edition brings West Coast vibes from our pals Mike and Craig at Lo-Fi Wine in beautiful Los Alamos, CA. We love their delicious, easy-drinking natural wines and their “nothing added, nothing taken away” philosophy of winemaking. These two gentlemen where nice enough to sent us some of their finest Cab Franc skins from Mike’s home vineyard - Mullet Vineyard.

Our Lo-Fi Edition shares some characteristics with the typical Central Coast wine: Juicy and tart, it’s got notes of bright fruit and currants. Bone dry with lots of bubbles, this is a fun, easy-drinking, super tasty cider — perfect for warm weather gatherings.

Texas Edition

Shacksbury kinda has a “crush” on Texas. Maybe it’s because the climates are so different, or because Shacksbury’s resident ”Cider Boi” Alex is half Vermonter, half Texan. Possibly the love comes from hearing Krista wax poetic about Texas grapes. Regardless of the reason, when we were putting together the PNRC Project we knew we wanted to make something using Texas grapes - Enter Lewis Wines.

For this cider, Lewis Wines sent us up Cab Franc and Petite Verdot grape skins. We used the same process of aging our cider on grape skins to pay homage to rosé wine while letting skins work their magic to impart flavor, color, and tannin. The resulting cider is like Alex in a bottle - always down to party and all about the bubbles!

East Village Edition

Collaboration projects are built on friendship, the Pét Nat Rosé with grape skins from Brooklyn Winery is no different. It started when one of our good friends Zach Mack connected us up with the team at Brooklyn Winery who were nice enough to send some grape skins up north to Vermont.

This project gave us a chance to experiment with friends across the country, bringing a little of their terroir to us and our terroir to them. We hope you enjoy these ciders as much as we enjoyed making them!


Lost apple

Every fall, Shacksbury forages for the feral, wild or otherwise forgotten fruit of rural Vermont. Along narrow country roads and in overgrown old orchards, we find apples that have the tannins and flavors - rare in most commercially grown fruit - to ferment into full-bodied, dry, and food-friendly hard cider.

These forgotten apple trees are decades, and sometimes centuries, old. Their fruit is incredibly diverse. When we harvest from these trees, we're tapping into the long and deep tradition of cider making in New England. By grafting our favorite found varieties into a small commercial orchard, we're protecting that tradition for years to come.

Along the way, we make some delicious limited release ciders out of foraged fruit. Our current offerings are listed below.

2017 Apple hill - Sold out - 2018 coming in fall 2019

2017 Pet Nat - sold out - 2018 Pet Nat - coming soon

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